Weekly (Monthly) Strings

Sorry for the silence but here are all the exciting things that have been happening!!! 

Since my last post I have started the Vertices Unite Shawl by Stephen West and have made some pretty decent progress. I am using all the yarns. The pink is Yarn Yarn Co (which is hand-dyed here in DSM!!), it's striped with Madeline TML Calligraphy, some random stash gray, Malabrigo Sock #416 Indiecita and the speckles is Lemonade Shop in the Mega Stuffed Toxic Oreo colorway. This shawl has been super fun to knit with and pretty brainless which is also a bonus.


I also have started the Sizzle Pop Shawl which is a brioche masterpiece. I don't like the colors so it has currently been frogged while I search for something with a higher contrast. 


Also super lady Arin just finished her first adult sweater in Cascade Eco Wool. When she's not knitting she can be found around town with her band, Karen Meat. Great job, Arin!!!! And the sentiment is mutual.

xoxoxo, erica